William V Graham III



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Turbine Controls/Instrument Technician
Kuparuk CPF-1 North Slope of Alaska (ConocoPhillips Alaksa Inc.)

FCO and Commissioning Technician
Trans-Alaska Pipeline (Udelhoven Oilfield System Services)

Controls Field Engineer
World-Wide (PenPower)

Instrument Technician (white paper permit with UA local 597)
Calpine Morris Cogeneration Plant in Morris, Illinois (Sheck Technical Services)

Senior Controls Engineer
Enron Lincoln Power Center in Wilton Center, Illinois (NEPCO)

Instrument Technician
Chouteau Power project in Pryor, Oklahoma (AECI)

Controls Field Engineer
World-Wide (Woodward Governor Company)

Instrument Technician
Koch addition to the Warren Gas Plant in Venice, Louisiana  (E.I.U.)
Nalco dry polymer addition in Garyville, Louisiana (E.I.U.)
Marathon sour gas harvesting and treatment facility near Lawton, Oklahoma  (E.I.U.)

Instrument / Controls Technician
Amoco Whitney Canyon sour gas harvesting field in Evanston, WY (Ross Rae)

Instrument / Electrical Technician
Cargill corn milling facility in Blair, NE (Fru-Con)


GE Power Systems University
Loveland, CO

GE Power Systems University
Schenectady, NY

GE Power Systems University
Schenectady, NY

ITI Technical College
Baton Rouge, LA

Have Passport. Will Relocate. Will Travel.

Summary of experience while employed by Penpower

Weyerhaueser Oxnard | Oxnard, CA
Reflashed the operating system on a MarkV+ panel that had experienced a hard drive failure. Assisted with locating a ground fault that prevented the generator breaker from closing. Assisted with calibration of VSVs and GCV prior to restarting the LM2500.

PDVSA Las Morochas | Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela
Woodward 501 to MarkVI retrofit on an LM2500 generator drive originally packaged by Stuart and Stevenson. Authored the interconnection list and ordered materials accordingly on site in the midst of demolition activities. Authored various software changes and reconfigured the Modbus communications link for increased data transmission speeds. Mark VI / Intellution HMI.

Rompetrol Petromidia Refinery | Constanta, Romania
Commissioned three steam turbine compressor drives with Woodward control systems. Woodward Micronet TMR/Intellution HMI/MonitorGAP

ATCO Muskeg River Cogen | Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Valve calibration and DLN tuning after Combustion Inspection on two combined cycle Frame 7EAs with MkV HMI controls. Fixed many miscellaneous HMI issues that were outstanding from original commissioning. Implemented various TILs.

Sonatrach Stah compressor station | In-Amenas, Algeria
ITCC Tuning on two Frame 5 two stage gas compressors with Mark VI controls.

ExxonMobil AGI/COGEN project | Labarge, WY
Resident Engineer for three GE 6B syn-gas turbines with Mark V TMR/HMI multiple server installation. Implemented the last of the software changes during commissioning and testing.

ExxonMobil Baytown Refinery | Baytown, TX
Controls retrofit from Woodward analog governor to Mark V Simplex/HMI on a Westinghouse 251B model Gas Turbine/Generator set. Responsible for all Mark V checkout and many late additions made by the customer after FAT test.

SENECA | Porlamar, Venezuela
Controls Checkout and restart of three GE Frame 5 Turbine/Generator sets coming out of major outages. Mark V simplex/ <I>.

PDVSA Amuay Refinery Complex | Punto Fijo, Venezuela
Troubleshooting of Apple OpTrend HMI failure on first generation Woodward Netcon controlling a GE Frame 5 Turbine/Generator set.

Dearborn Industrial Generation Services | Dearborn, MI
S17 software modification and restart on two GE Frame 7F Turbine/Generator sets. Mark V/ <I>

Admiral Callaghan GTS Docked in Oakland, CA and initial post re-fit sea trials in the Pacific Ocean.
Installed and checked out software modifications on two Woodward Netcon 5000 control systems governing the ships GE LM2500 aero-derivative engines. No HMI. Cable remote interface and Woodward MonitorGAP only.

Mulberry Cogen | Mulberry, FL
Mark V/<I> on a 7E combined cycle unit. Tracked down various diagnostic alarms and nuisance trips and eliminated the root cause. Performed Field Modification of TTRF calculation to remedy violent swings in gas splitter valve reference during fired shutdown of the unit.

Calpine Broad River Energy Center | Gaffney, SC
Frame 7F with MarkV/ <I> controls. Implemented various TILs and restarted the units.

City Public Services | San Antonio, TX
Tuned the valve curves on a GE 650MW mainline steam turbine. Resuscitated an Intellution HMI after a total hard drive failure. Advised the customer concerning controls modifications they were considering during the next planned outage on one of their Westinghouse Steam Turbines. Woodward Micronet TMR/Intellution HMI/MonitorGAP.

Boise Cascade | Jackson, AL
Reset Woodward 501 Governor after power loss to facilitate restarting this Dresser-Rand Steam Turbine/Generator set. Performed “post-mortem” analysis of unit trip that occurred shortly after going to “Island Mode” in preparation for a hurricane. Advised customer concerning the order in which they should shed load next time they anticipate an orderly disconnection from the Utility Grid.

Turkmengaz (Turkmenistan State Gas Company) | Yylanli, Turkmenistan
Commissioning of five Woodward Atlas Governors with iFix HMIs controlling Nicolaev-Mashprayeva aeroderivatives driving Sumy-Frunze Compressors. The control system for this natural gas compressor station was engineered by GE GCS in Bracknell, UK from start to finish inclusive of turbine/compressor controls with anti-surge, the overall station control and load balancing between the units (also with a Woodward Atlas), sub-system station control with two GE Versamax PLCs and fire control panels by Kidde Italia. Very little Russian and virtually no Turkmen, Uzbek, or Ukrainian language skills. All critical work and virtually all work onsite was executed with the assistance of Russian language translators.

Eastman Chemical | Longview, TX
Worked the night shift at the tail end of a steam retrofit. Woodward Micronet.

Weyerhaeuser Paper Company | Albany, OR
Performed valve calibrations and assisted with startup of GE LM6000 after engine replacement. MarkV+/HMI.

British Sugar | Wissington, United Kingdom
Determined root cause of Woodward MicroNet TMR failures on a GE LM6000. Assisted with restart and archiving of DLE tuning values.  Learned a little bit of “English” English.

SECCO | Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
Assisted with the HMI pre-commissioning and DCS to Woodward interfacing months in advance of this Steam Turbine Compressor drive being installed.

Weyerhaeuser Paper Company | Springfield, OR
Tuned startup parameters on Woodward 509 governing a GE Steam Turbine/Generator set. Advised customer concerning the newest generation of GE and Woodward systems available for when the time comes to retrofit their control system.

Integrated Turbine Compressor Controls (ITCC) Training | Loveland, CO
This class introduced the control philosophy used by GE when engineering compressor control systems. The focus was on GE’s implementation of this philosophy when using Woodward hardware.

Tenaska Gateway | Mt. Enterprise, TX
GE Frame 7F MarkV/ <I>. DLN remote tuning.

Tractebel Chehalis | Chehalis, WA
Frame 7F MarkV/ <I>. Card failure. Also advised the customer regarding water wash sequencing.

Fredrickson LP | Tacoma, WA
MarkV/HMI GE A11 Steam Turbine. Simple sequencing change.

Weyerhaeuser Paper Company | Albany, OR
Conducted post-mortem trip analysis on LM6000 engine with intermittent failures on the LP shaft MPUs. Root cause had been determined and remedied before my arrival on site. Executed HMI modifications and maintenance requested by the customer. MarkV+/HMI.

GE Aeroderivative and Package Services | Houston, TX
Commissioned the Houston Test Cell for use with LM2500+ and LM2500+DLE engines.
Woodward NetCon with Intellution HMI, MonitorGAP and Ladder Logic.

Weyerhaeuser Paper Company | Albany, OR
Performed valve calibrations and assisted with restart of GE LM6000. MarkV+/HMI

Shell Wilmington | Long Beach, CA
Executed software changes on Woodward 509 governor featuring a touch screen interface. Woodward MOE (Menu Oriented Editor). Restarted Pratt+Whitney aeroderivative engine.

GE Aircraft Engines | Cincinnati, OH
Commissioned the remaining two LM1500 compressor drives with Woodward AtlasSC governors. The first of these was commissioned in 4/03.

Mark VI BOP Training
Balance of Plant Training to complement MarkVI training received in June.

GE Wind | House, NM
Picked up trash. Chased rattlesnakes. Climbed to the top of a 350 foot wind turbine, then did it again.

Power Systems University
Advanced MarkVI course with Gas Turbine focus.

International Paper | Androscoggin, ME
Walked down a job to estimate how many hours it would take to install and commission a Woodward 505 on a small steam turbine.

Great Lakes Gas | Cloquet, MN
Authored and installed a logic change to support new Power Turbine breakaway sequencing specified by Dresser-Rand. GE LM1500 Woodward MicronetNT Simplex.

Detroit Edison Trenton Channel | Trenton, MI
Re-stroked steam valves after customer replaced their servos. Oversaw restart of steam turbine. Customer education regarding the Full Arc to Partial Arc transition during startup. MarkV/ <I>.

Clark Public Utilities | Clark, AR
Assisted with restart of LM6000 after major outage. Woodward Netcon/Intellution HMI.

GE Aircraft Engines | Cincinnati, OH
Commissioned the first of three LM1500 compressor drives for GE’s High Altitude Test Cell. AtlasSC/MonitorGAP/NoHMI.

Frederickson Power | Tacoma, WA
Sequencing changes, IGV calibration and restart of GE Frame 7F and A11 Steam Turbine/Generator sets. MarkV/HMI

Detroit Edison Trenton Channel | Trenton, MI
Resolved synchronization problems on GE Steam Turbine/Generator set. Implemented <I> screen modifications per customer request. MarkV/ <I>

Wheelabrator | Lisbon, CT
Controls support for week-long steam turbine outage. Old style Woodward 505.

MLNG | Bintulu, Malaysia
MarkII to MarkV Simplex retrofit on a GE Frame 5

Aquilla | Clay County, IL
Loop checks and first fire on the last of four GE Frame 7E turbines at this site. Mark V/ <I>. Completed first fire in less than one week from the time the first loop was bought.

First Energy Sumpter | Belleville, MI 
Four GE Frame 7EA Gas Turbine Mark V/ HMI. Lead Controls for the installation and commissioning of the gas turbines.

NRG Audrain | Vandalia, MO
GE Frame 7EA Gas Turbine Mark V maintenance for the R-17 stage dilution upgrade and performed DLN-1 tuning.

CalEnergy | Calipatria, CA
Woodward 505 on an Atlas-Copco Turboexpander. Troubleshot communications issues that turned out to be a module failure on the customer’s DCS. Configured the customer’s spare 505 with the tunable values from the running 505 to speed replacement time in the event of a failure.

City Public Services | San Antonio, TX
Woodward Micronet maintenance to assist with problems with the DCS interface.

Coastal Refinery | San Nicolaas, Aruba
Woodward 505 maintenance trouble shooting.

11/2001, 01/2002
SRW Cogen-Conoco | Orange, TX
Two GE Frame 7FA Gas Turbine Mark V/ <I> Controls to assist in the final stages of the commissioning and eliminate punch list items.

Consolidated Paper | Biron, WI
Woodward 505E Electronic Governor Control maintenance for valve instability.

Cogentrix | Rathdrum, ID
GE 1X107FA Mark V Controls maintenance of both the gas and steam turbine to investigate multiple trips and loss of speed reference.

Anchorage Municipal Light and Power | Anchorage, AK.
GE Frame 7EA Gas Turbine Mark V maintenance for various alarms.

New York City Relief Project | NYC, NY
Assisted in the set-up, operation, and maintenance of portable package generators for temporary electricity and lighting in lower Manhattan.

Calpine SkyGen | Depere, WI
GE Frame 7FA DLN2+ Gas Turbine Mark V / <I>. Added RTDs to Mark V I/O per customer request.

Calpine | Sumas, WA
GE Frame 7EA Gas Turbine and Medium Steam Turbine Mark V Controls maintenance for various diagnostic alarms.

Weyerhaeuser | Pinehill, AL
GE 35 MW Medium Steam Turbine Mark V Controls maintenance to correct V3 valve chattering.

Calpine | Morris, IL
GE 50 MW Steam Turbine Mark V Controls maintenance for <C> core control problems caused by a fried controller board.

GRE Coal Creek | Underwood, ND
GE Large G-2 Steam Turbine Mark V Controls maintenance for I/O failure, alarms, and other trouble shooting issues.

Tenaska Lakefield Junction | Trimont, MN
Mark V Controls installation and commissioning of six GE Frame 7EA Gas Turbines.

Colorado Springs Utilities | Fountain, CO
GE Frame 6B Gas Turbine Mark V maintenance for trouble shooting processor function problems.

Operational Energy Corp / Honey Lake Power | Wendel, CA
Investigate valve hunting/operational issues reported at higher load ranges. Fitchburg Turbine with Woodward actuators and Control system.

Great Northern Paper | Millinocket, ME
40 MW Back Pressure / extraction machine which had previously been retrofitted with a Woodward 509 Governor. Worked with the Customer to fix control systems glitches that were causing the unit to trip. Performed start up of the unit.

Oxy Chem | Houston, TX
MK V calibration and start-up after unit (7EA) forced outage. Combustion spread problems. Splitter valve was removed for cleaning, gas piping removed for cleaning.

International Paper (UCC) | Savannah, GA
Fitchburg medium ST straight non-condensing unit. The outage was a minor inspection which included changing worn valve parts and valve amplifier. Checkout of the Woodward 505 controls, stroked control vales and completed startup.

GE Power Systems University | Schenectady, NY
Speedtronic MkV Controls Class.

Have Passport. Will Relocate. Will Travel.